Saturday, May 28, 2011

No more Guided Reading headaches!

Thanks to Funky First Grade Fun I have learned about Scholastic Book Wizard.  And it is BLOWING my mind.

*Have you ever selected a book because it has the right skill set you're teaching and wonder why your kids can't read it?
*Have you ever put out "leveled" books and wonder why your kids aren't even correctly reading the sight words?
*Have you ever pulled out a challenging book for your high flyers just to listen to them fly right through?

{If you haven't, just pretend for my sake because I am guilty of all 3!!}

Scholastic Book Wizard is here to save the day!

Start by choosing the Reading System you want to use: 
I chose DRA because those are the levels we use in vertical planning with 1st grade.  They know if we send our kinders to them at a 4 that they will be prepared when they move up in the fall.
If you type the title in Quick Search:

You will be given this information about the book:
No wonder my lower kids struggled.  I felt Biscuit was a lower read but it was way too much for my level 2 group!

OR...even better...type the title instead into BookAlike:

And you will get all of this information:
An easy way to plan guided reading lessons without standing in the book closet for hours!!
I know we're all at wrapping-it-up time, but hopefully this will make life easier for you in the fall.  I'm already breathing a sigh of relief for next year thanks to this handy little gadget!

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  1. When I taught 2nd grade I used the book wizard to help me organize and level my class library which I kept in an excel sheet. I kept a print out by book level in my library so my kids could look up books at their level to read! It's a great free program that I wish more people knew about and what a great idea to use for guided reading!!


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