Friday, April 01, 2011

You know you teach kindergarten when...

Babbling Abby {who is not only a creative genius but also quite a hoot} is hosting a linky party to highlight those special moments that only a teacher would recognize.  My last link-up was so fun I figured it was time for another one!

You know you're a kindergarten teacher when...

*You're in a social setting and put your hand up to another adult to show that you're already engaged in a conversation and they need to wait {sorry Mom!!!}

*You don't know any new songs on the radio but can sing approximately 46 about the alphabet.

*You look forward to the next dress up/pajama/theme day with the excitement of a child at Christmas.

*You can make up a load of hooey and immediately have 18 people who think you're magic.  {My new favorite...the silly switch on top of one friend's head.  If I see him and "turn it off" before he goes to his class he has a great day.  If I miss him then he starts acting up and his teacher sends him down to have his silly switch checked!  lol}

*You could wallpaper your house with the student drawings you receive every morning.

*You are the one your friends go to for a marker, highlighter or post-it because you always have a supply in your purse.

*You feel like a movie-star when spotted at the mall.

*You constantly find glitter in your hair, on your clothes, in your kitchen... {not that I'm complaining!}  ;)

*You have a never ending to-do-list that is only made longer by blog stalking.

And my favorite:

*At any given moment of any given day you are not surprised to feel 2 {or more} little arms wrapped around your hips.

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  1. I blog-stalk religiously, too! It's all part of the job, right?!


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