Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Man, it has a been a lot time since I blogged.  I keep meaning to sit down at the computer, especially since I'm on Spring Break this week, but we've been crazy busy...buying a house!  It was listed on Tuesday, we found it Wednesday, went in Thursday, offered Friday and were accepted Saturday.  We close on June 1st and it's been non-stop contractors, inspectors and lenders oh my!  I finally carved out some time today to relax at the pool and of course, it's cloudy and looming rain.  So I've spent practically the entire morning {'s} researching for my summer camps instead.  Here are some things I've found so far...

Squishy Squirmy Bugs & Insects
Differentiation Station's butterfly unit

Chalk Talk's insect unit

Primary Graffiti's bug jar

Teach It With Class' insect song

Eric Carle's coloring page

Princess Prep
Life in First's story organizer {also for Fairy Tales!}

The Inspired Apple's ruby slippers {which I'll make glass for Cinderella}

Fairy Tales
Stay and Play's 3 Little Pig homes

Kindergarten Readiness
First Grade Factory's direction icons

Stay and Play's write-and-write ABCs & 123s

If you have any other ideas, please let me know.  I'll be making some new units but am always looking for fun, creative lessons that I don't have to create.  ;)  I'll always give credit where it's due.  Thanks for the help!

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