Saturday, April 30, 2011

global communication.

So the last objective we needed to cover for our state Social Studies standards was a hodgepodge of randomness...transportation, communication and technology...across the world.  We were struggling to put all of these together into something cohesive so I created this:

After a few mini-lessons on each topic, this will be our wrap-up activity to bring it all around together.  You can get ah-dorable graphics of people from each country from Lettering Delights but I've taken down the original file because I'm afraid it went into the gray area of Terms of Use and I'd rather be safe than sorry.  However!  You can get them by clicking on the Lettering Delights button to the left.

We will locate each country on the world map so they know what type of transportation to choose {land, water or sea} but any acceptable answer will do.  If they want to fly to Switzerland in a hot air balloon or a rocket ship...fine by me!

We've started talking about what technology is and isn't so they might say a GPS will help them get there, the internet might help them figure out what to do while they're there or {knowing my kids} that playing Angry Birds on their cell phones will give them something to do while they're traveling.

For the communication piece we covered facial expressions, body language, foreign languages and sign language.  I'd also accept answers of drawing pictures or acting things out.

If you're interested, click on the picture above for a FREE download.  Enjoy!  {Disfrutar!  Profiter!  Geniessen!  Godere!  楽しむ!}


  1. That is PRECIOUS!!!! I tried to click on it but it says it is unavailable. I'll give it another try later though! =)

  2. Sorry, Jessica. I just fixed it. Thanks for letting me know!! :)

  3. I found you through Little Literacy Learners. I am now your 100th follower:-) Lots of great ideas! Thanks for sharing! Kerri

  4. I also tried to download it, but it said I don't have access. I teach ESL and this would be perfect for my classroom! Is it still available for free download?

  5. I just checked the settings again and both documents are available for sharing. If you click the picture it should take you to Google Docs to be downloaded there. :)


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