Friday, March 11, 2011

We are bucket fillers!

I've seen on many blogs {during my daily blog-stalking sessions} a lot of talk about filling buckets.  Our school already uses the color cards system for behavior and PBIS for positive reinforcement, but our Positive Climate committee decided we should start using school-wide compliment cards for an added incentive.  As soon as I heard that, I knew it was my "in" for bucket filling!

It came as perfect timing, too, because my kids definitely have a case of the 3rd Quarter Crazies.  I'm not sure of them aren't literally losing their minds!  ;)  After reading this book and really discussing - again - what it does to other people when we say or do kind things, they're starting to come back around.

This is my Bucket Filler display.  It is a work in progress since I have one student still out with the flu who hasn't had a chance to color his bucket yet.  I'm also going to add more labels for the compliment cards and print out color pictures from the book to help prompt students with specific ways to fill a bucket.

Many people have created bucket filling forms, but Ms. Newingham's is my favorite.  Go to her website for more bucket filling ideas and a printout of these certificates.  I got the bucket printouts from My Fun Teacher and am using a project display board that I bought years ago and have just been holding onto waiting for a great reason to use it!

There are tiny "warm fuzzies" in the bottom left pocket that I bought at Wal-Mart and students get to put one in their bucket as well as friend's when they do something kind.  I also decorated a bucket for myself so I can make a point of how students who follow directions and get their work done help fill my bucket as the teacher.  They are so excited to fill my bucket they'll bring me my coffee cup, give me extra hugs or say to students next to them "I'm not gonna do that right now because I don't want to dip in Mrs. Young's bucket."  We don't make a big deal of being a bucket dipper as far as the display goes {partly because I don't want students to get mad and rip their pockets off when trying to empty it out} but also because I want this display to just be really positive.  It's sitting on my discovery table right now but I'll be finding a new home for it soon.

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