Sunday, March 27, 2011

cheep cheep.

I have big news, people.  Big news!  I am hatching chicks!!  Ok, so maybe some of you do this every year but I've been trying and trying with no avail and have finally found someone to make my farm dreams come true.  :)

Miss Heather - our new farmer friend - said a few of them probably won't hatch because they were late from the previous batch, but that's all part of the lesson of life, right?

This is our big display...complete with a couple of shout outs:

I got these fantastic pictures from April at Chalk Talk.  Check out the amazing things she has going on with her animal units including a {living vs. non-living sort} and these {egg photographs}.

I found a 21 day chart on a 4H website and gave one to each of my students.  Then I blew it up to poster size for our display.  {I couldn't find the original site but Enchanted Learning has a really similar one!}  The kids cut out and glue down each day's egg for morning work when they first come in and we keep track of the count each day.  It's been great for helping them practice counting backwards and the symbols of the embryo are really helpful when candling.

Shannon at Kinder-Pond also has a FABulous unit on {hatching chicks}.  I love that Shannon always incorporates her content themes into literacy, math and independent centers because that's how I love to just doesn't always seem to work out that way.  I made this recording sheet to go with her Chicken & Egg Syllable Sort game that I'll be putting in a literacy center this week.  Her game is fab but I've realized that if my kids don't have something to hold them accountable...they don't always do what's expected when they're sitting on their own.  {shocking...I know!}


  1. Hi Kristin!
    Congrats on your eggs. It is so exciting, just wait until they start hatching, the kiddos LOVE it!

  2. So jealous that you are hatching eggs! Keep us posted!!

  3. aw, how cool!! I love having live animals in the classroom, the kids never forget the learning that comes with this experience! We are raising Atlantic Salmon right now (they're endangered) kids watch over them like mother hens! It is my favorite part of the year. Have fun with your chicks!

    Ladybug's Teacher Files

  4. We hatched ducks last year. It was so much fun!! When the first ducks got ready to hatch, we put them on the ELMO so that all of the kids could watch. It was so exciting!!

  5. How exciting!!! Mrs. Saylor at just posted some ideas to go along with hatching chicks. Have fun with your little peepers!

  6. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I love them all! I am off to look for the 21 day chart!

  7. Sailing Into First Grade, I couldn't find the original I used, but I did edit the post and the link to a really similar one on Enchanted Learning. I hope you can use it! :)

  8. Hi! I downloaded this center from Shannon and came over to your blog to find the recording sheet! Are you willing to share??? If so, I would LOVE to have it! Sorry about your luck with hatching. I have been hatching for 7 years. My first two years only had 1 baby each year. THEN, I started spraying my eggs twice a day on the days that I was at school and this made all of the difference. They need far more humidity than I was able to get with water and wet sponges on the bottom. I have at least a 90% hatchability now!!! It really has done the trick for me! Good luck! I hope you aren't too discouraged to try again!


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