Monday, March 21, 2011

Tag! We're Reading!!

My Donors Choose project came today!  This is my first project and I was honestly skeptical that it would even get funded because it totaled almost $700.  But in only 5 weeks, my project was posted, supported, funded, shipped and has arrived in my classroom.

I now have 10 Tag Readers that are mine to use this year and with future classes!  I never have to send them back and completing the Thank You packet suggested by Donors Choose has really taught my students how to think of others and be grateful.  I bought the Short and Long Vowel book packs on Amazon {cheaper!} and will begin using them in my guided reading groups this week.  They'll be using them independently in the next few weeks and should be able to partner read...all at the same time!! the time we reach Spring Break!

I feel honored to have received such a fantastic technology resource and am blessed by what this will allow me to do.  YOU need to go do the same and list a project for your babies!  There are many vendors and even more resources available.  All you have to do is sign up and create a project.  If you're technologically challenged, don't worry.  They walk you through it. step. by. step.  Once you get your resources, I encourage you to share the love and donate to other teachers...friends, colleagues, blog buddies or great teachers you don't even know.

Go now...Donors Choose is a partner I won't overlook again.


  1. Congrats! isn't it exciting??? I just got my 4th project funded and I have been given over $1,700 worth of education items. It's amazing the generosity of others!

  2. Is there anything special that you did to get your project funded? I put a project up a few weeks ago and I haven't had a single dollar donated :(



  3. Stephanie, I put it in my Facebook status and emailed my families about it. Granted, none of my students' parents actually donated, but one grandmother did, along with some people from my church and my parents' friends that knew me when I was a kid. People can also double their donation if their business does gift matching, so encourage them to look into that, too! Good luck!!

  4. Congratulations! I have 5 tag readers and 2 tag jrs and my students love them! I'm not sure how you're going to put them out but I thought I'd give some friendly advice about how mine are organized. So after loading the books on the TAGs, I keep 3 books in a box with the TAG, and the headphones. I labeled the box, the tag, the headphones, and each of the books with a sharpie with TAG #1, TAG #2, TAG #3, etc. This was the best plan because eventually the tags get mixed up with the boxes and my kids can sort them out. If you're going to have each TAG with every book on them this won't be necessary but wanted to share what I do. Oh make sure you have spare batteries on hand it took about 2-3 months but they finally ran them down and all 5 Tags needed new batteries on the same day! Congrats on your donors choose success!!

  5. Yay! that's awesome!!!

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