Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ouch! Owww!!!

Teaching all of these sounds is new to me.  I taught short and long vowels in kindergarten and would do some often found spellings like double vowels, ing and the standard digraphs but our 1st grade curriculum has like 73 sound spellings to teach.  What the what?!  I can barely remember the difference between a digraph and a diphthong let alone all of the rules for when a consonant makes a soft sound.  Whew!  Thank goodness for Pinterest...a few of my own good ideas.  ;)

We taught the /ou/ & /ow/ spelling this week and I used these anchor charts from The Teacher Wife.

Then I wrote both spellings on band-aids and let the kids put them wherever they wanted.  Warning: all day long, people will be saying to you "You hurt your head?!  What happened?  Oh no!"  But hey, at least the kids will remember.  And whoever said teaching meant not making a fool of yourself?

I'll have to do these cute Ouchie Owie lists from First Grade Wow next year!

Be careful OUt there!!


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