Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cosmic Yoga for Inside Recess

Rain, snow, the mud after rain or snow, freezing temperatures...I feel like indoor recess happens a lot more in the winter.  I love letting my kids play in fun centers {blocks, legos, puppets and other things they don't usually get to play with} but sometimes I like to change it up.  My kids like having a dance party with Just Dance Kids on YouTube but new favorite is Cosmic Yoga!

The girl on the videos is named Jamie and she is adorable.  I mean, I'll listen to anyone with an accent, but she really makes the yoga fun.  The backgrounds change and she takes the kids on an adventure every time.  She goes to different countries, looking for different animals and teaching little tidbits as she goes.

The videos last between 15-25 minutes so if I pick one for inside recess we usually still have time for a dance party or something more high energy afterward.  But trust me, your kids will like this.  Even the boys.  Even the ones who won't dance.  Even the ones who are too cool to have fun.  They're mesmerized by her!  It's too cute.  :)

If you really get into it she has other little video clips, too.  She posts a new yoga pose demonstration every week {although you don't really need to know anything because she demonstrates and explains everything well in her adventures}.

She also posts little meditation videos.  This one was about helping kids recognize and name their feelings as she talks to them about wanting to know what is inside a treasure chest and how the feelings change once she opens it.



  1. I love the idea of doing Yoga in class. I am in Kindergarten Education now and before we start the class we try to move the body for the students to be more relaxed but I dind´t know about this wonderful page for practising Yoga. I think that is very interesting for little children to be relaxed and in a calm environment, therefore, I think I will start to use it!


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