Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Crayola SALE {limited time!}

Crayola is having another MAJOR sale on Zulily.  This time instead of just art accessories like crayon aprons and table/chair sets {which they still have} they actually have crayons and markers and colored pencils on sale!  I.E....the stuff we use every day!!

If you've never checked out Zulily, take 10 seconds to create an account.  They really won't hound you with emails.  I actually don't get any emails except for the shops I've favorited - like Crayola.  ;)

There are a lot of things in the sale.  Click on any of the pictures to go to the sale page.  In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite highlights.  And act quick - these sales only last for a few days!
I looooove the multicultural flesh crayons.  We use them with every project.  And we draw ourselves a lot in kindergarten!  I've also posted before about how much I love the construction paper crayons that practically glow on even black paper.  I am getting these for sure!

Yes, it's winter, but when it's actually spring and warm enough to go outside and play with these cool chalk things, will any of these outside lovelies be on sale?  Definitely not.  Ordering NOW!!

I really like these big activity books for my students for a few different things.  I've given them away as Christmas or End of the Year gifts before.  I also like to have them on hand for the end of the year when the big kids are testing for days on end and we have to be quiet and stay in the classroom.  Since the pages are oversized, they get to lay on the floor and color.  They love it, it's somewhat quiet and they're busy in case you need to start taking anything down.  ;)  Princess for girls, Ninja Turtles for boys and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Bubble Guppies for your own littles at home.  There are other options too.  Check out the sale!

I love this easel and it's almost 50% off!  There's a chalk side, a paper holder, a dry erase magnetic side and a supply tray.  Check out the product listing on the sale page.  So awesome.

Click any of the pictures to see more of the Crayola sale.  It's only going on for a few days!!  I can't wait to smell those new crayons!!!!!!!!!!  :)

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