Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Springtime glyph.

We're learning about spring weather this week and I wanted to do a cute little rain project to hang up on my walls.  I did a similar umbrella & rain boot craft a few years back but now it's a printable that I can share with you!  ;)

You can print the glyph pieces on construction paper and glue them together to make the craft OR if you're short on time, you can print the coloring pages and have your students complete it with their crayons.  Either way, it's a great display to hang with writing about rain, spring or changes in the weather.

I also downloaded this adorable Rainy Day Digraph activity from Of Primary Importance.

Instead of using it as a game, I copied the pages for each of my students as we learned about ch, sh & th.  We glued our raindrops to blue strips and our lightning to yellow.  It's a Spring Sound Storm across the back bookshelves!!!  And it really solidified the sounds for my students.

Once I get my Easter chicks up, we'll be all set for April!  :)  Happy 1st day of Spring!  Sending sunshine your way!!

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