Saturday, March 16, 2013

2nd grade Common Core help.

More Common Core help for you & your parents!  The Kindergarten & 1st grade handouts I made for parent-teacher conferences have been so popular that I've been asked to create the same thing for 2nd grade.  And they are ready...just in time for 4th quarter to begin!

I originally planned on only using these at conferences after 1st quarter but they've been so helpful for my families that I ended up printing them out and sending them home with report cards at the end of every quarter!  Just highlight the skills that each student needs to practice {which is a super easy way to make this differentiated and personal for each student's learning} and send it home!

Your parents will thank you for breaking down the Common Core and making all of our confusing teacher lingo easy to understand!!  ;)  And if you've already used the K set, please share the link with your friends & coworkers!!

Get the Kindergarten handouts {here}.
Get the 1st grade handouts {here}.
Get the new 2nd grade math & literacy handouts {here}!


  1. These look wonderful! Thank you!!! :)

  2. Thank you for creating these. I'll have to purchase these soon for conferences.

  3. Awesome idea - I'm sure parents will adore their functionality!


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