Thursday, August 11, 2011

no cutting. no gluing. no laminating. freebie.

We could all use some help at the beginning of the year, right?!  Even with all of the cute things in blogland, you still have to print, cut, laminate and cut again before you have something you can actually use.  {or in my case...go to Office Depot for a new ink start the process.}  Well you're in luck because I'm teaching a half day kindergarten camp this week and have come up with some easy printables.  yep. just. print.

You've got 2 freebies here to along with two great Back to School books.  I believe they were both from Scholastic and in the one to five dollar range.

As much as I would love to give you the whole unit for free, I would love even more to not be in court for violating terms of use.  So I am listing the 25 page unit on TeachersPayTeachers for ONE dollar.  If you're a 10 month employee like me, you're currently digging change from the couch to pay for gas and have a mile long wish list in TPT of things you'd like to eventually purchase whenever you get a paycheck again.  So hopefully this won't break the bank at $1.  What you can find at TPT are from stories such as these...


So here are your 2 freebies and I hope you'll stop by my TPT store for the rest of the unit!  Each story has a list of ideas & talking points, at least one printable and an extension idea.  If you purchase, let me know how you like it and leave me some feedback.  I cater to you!  ;)

After reading Off to kindergarten:

 After reading The night before kindergarten:

{click any of the pictures to go to google docs & all 3 will be there to download}


  1. Thank you for sharing your cute freebie! :o) So cute!

  2. Thanks so much!! Just found your blog and I love it!!! New follower!!

  3. You chose terrific books! I love "poor Puppy"! Thanks for sharing with us.



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