Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I have a confession...

First of all, I am super jeal of everyone who is already working in their classrooms.  While I scan the pictures of your rooms for cute decoration ideas, I get equally excited & overwhelmed for school to start back at the same time.  I can't wait to get in and feel like I'm actually doing something to get ready!!!

In the meantime, I'm frantically jotting down ideas on my continually growing to-do-when-I-finally-get-to-school list.  Ridiculously, something on my list is {don't tell anyone} "Classroom Jobs."  I know, I know.  I am not a first year teacher yet am asking about a crucial element of the classroom.  I tried having student jobs my first two years of teaching but quickly found that {with  everything else I was trying to figure out} it was something I could easily cut out.  And I've never picked back up with them!

What I want to know is, how can an OCD control freak like me {see my flag flying??} organize student jobs to let my kids have more responsibility without me losing my mind?  LINK UP to share what responsibilities you delegate to your kids.  And of course, share a picture of your adorable job chart...goes without saying, right?!

While you share your ideas, I'm back to the new house for more painting! 12 hours yesterday + paint in the hair + sore muscles = Uggghhh...almost done!!


  1. Sorry, I couldn't link, I'm only a blog stalker! This is what I did this past year, I only had one helper a day and that person did anything I needed them to do. They were the line leader and helped with calendar and took the lunch money down. It was also their snack day so they squirted hands while i passed it out. It seemed to work pretty well, that way if i need anything extra done through out the day, I could rely on that one person. Hope this helps!!

  2. I tried the job thing and I found it hard to manage. Then some jobs we only did once a week if that, so I have gone to that special helper each day. They take the attendance, start the pledge, are line leader, take notes to the office, do special things for the SMARTBoard, etc. The kids love it!!

  3. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I'll have to come back and link: I just finished my job chart! I am also an OCD freak, but that is why I LOVEEE teaching Kinder (I feel like I can still mold them)! Weird? Haha anyways, I have 14 jobs (because I have 27 kiddos, gah) and they do the job in pairs. It's ALL about repetition and modeling: you HAVE to show them how you want them to do the job EXACTLY and they will totally take charge (mainly because they like to be in charge of something)! For example, my Teacher Assistants really like pointing out the students that aren't ready/prepared and it usually gets straightened out real quick! I will link up soon! :)

  4. My first few years of teaching I tried having several different helpers each day and then finally I came to the conclusion that it's just too much trouble! ONE helper per day! That's the easiest way! If you need more than one for some job, let the helper choose some others to help.


  5. I also do one helper a day and I wouldn't do it any other way. The helper does all of the jobs that I need them to plus they get to sit in the "helper chair." They love this job!

  6. I would love to link up but I don't have any pictures of a classroom yet, since I don't have one! I'm about to begin my student teaching! My OSTE sets up her jobs like this. She has 2 picture frames. She rotates pictures of one boy and one girl each day and those 2 students get to be helpers all day. Line leader, caboose, passing out papers, etc. Hope this helps! Can't wait to see how you set yours up!



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