Wednesday, August 17, 2011

how do you inspire?

As teachers, I think we all have that little bug in us.  The one that crawls around whispering "Who have you inspired today?  Can you be as creative as {fill-in-the-blank}?  Will your students light up because of what you've done?"

I certainly have it.  In teaching.  With people.  In every aspect of my life.  I want to be inspired and inspiring.  I want to achieve greatness with my life, not waste it.

My amazing friend, Stephanie, has taken it to the next level to inspire others with her business.  She designs beautiful stationery {including our wedding invites & such!}, custom photo albums that would blow your mind and other graphic designy things that I still don't fully understand.  But it all comes together beautifully at the Inspire Design Studio.

She's dedicated part of her business to reaching out to others {coming soon!} and part of it to writing a blog on all kinds of things to inspire all kinds of people.  Yours truly was the guest blogger today!  Shockingly enough, it's related to teaching.  You just may enjoy it...

Click the picture to read my little post on her blog and if you like either what I have to say or her concept, consider following her as well.  I know she isn't a teacher per se {although she has taught graphic design at our near by university!} her business is definitely something that can be conducted over the internet and she has such a big heart to reach others and serve people that I just want to get her as much business as I can!

Now that  my wheels are turning, I'm thinking up a possible give-away pairing with Stephanie.  If you could choose a great stationery product, what would you want?  Personalized thank you notes maybe???  Let me know and it may happen!

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  1. Personalized thank you notes would be really cool. I also think that maybe a personalized letterhead specific to a person's classroom would be cool to print a class newsletter on!


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