Sunday, August 04, 2013


Whew!  What a summer it has been.  Mostly good, entirely busy.  I decided to work part-time this summer even though we have so much baby stuff to get done.  {partly to help supplement the cost of all of said baby stuff!} Plus throwing in doctor appointments every 2 weeks, birthing classes, the hospital tour, showers, and my ever-growing radio career twice a week {ha!} and the weeks have flown by.  Not one thing on my school or blog to-do list has been crossed off.  Not ONE.  I'm gonna keep telling myself that it was a good thing for me to take a true break from school for a little while even though the realization of that fact actually makes the anxiety creep up my throat...

For today, it's Currently time with Farley!

Listening: Yep, the stress of school has set in.  Probably because I know I haven't worked on anything all summer.  And I had to move classrooms in June so I'm starting at square one again with set up & organization.  And I'm due after only 2 weeks of school.  Maybe I should stop thinking and just sit here for a minute & listen...  Moving on!!

Loving: There has been so much rain & so many cloudy days this summer that we've hardly been able to utilize my parents' pool.  I gotta get over there in a bit!

Thinking: Yep, I'm due September 9th.  While I am ecstatic and can not wait to meet her, it is also a little unnerving knowing that she will be here in a month-ish.  Saying that I'm 35 weeks along somehow doesn't seem as soon as saying that I'm due in 36 days...  Ahhh!!  So exciting.  But still so much to do.

Wanting: Who moves a pregnant lady?  Seriously!  But my new room is on the kindergarten hall, instead of in 5th grade where I was last year, so that's a definite bonus.  Pics are coming once I can get in & get going!!

Needing: A few more weeks of summer.  But who doesn't??  ;)

B2S Must-Haves: My school calendar/planner becomes my life.  Ev-ery-thing goes in there.  Everything.  So I need one with lots of good space.  I randomly picked up a Greenroom planner from Target last year & loved it.  So I got another one this year & can't wait to start filling it up!!!!  :)

A good attitude is a must.  I surprised myself with this one, actually, because there is almost nothing that I love more than the beginning of the year.  But being on a new team at a new school last year really threw me for a loop and I probably had one of my worst years {personally...not having anything to do with the kids} because it was so much harder to work with new people than I ever imagined.  {I partly blame the amazing teammates & coworkers I was surrounded with for the previous 8 years because they set the bar impossibly high for friendship, collaboration & sense of true teamwork.}  Looking ahead to this year, I'm hopeful for a better connection with my teammates but also know that it will take work on my part to not give up & keep thinking of new, creative ways to reach out and try to build bonds even if my efforts go unnoticed.  So my prayer for this year is a continued positive attitude and that even if I get discouraged, I will be able to find the strength to keep trying!!

Deanna Jump's Common Core posters saved my life last year.  Yes, they are a little pricier than what I typically spend on TpT items, but there is most likely a Back to School sale coming up so put them on your wishlist & let them hang out for a little bit.  ;)  Print, cut, laminate & hang.  These were so much easier than trying look up the standards to write on the board.  I put velcro on mine & it takes literally seconds to change them out.

Since I've been so MIA for the summer, here are 2 posts you can look forward to before the end of the month - a pregnancy/baby update with nursery & maternity photos and a post of my favorite lessons, activities, etc for starting the school year.  I am saying this with confidence because I've already started working on them can trust me!!  ;)  Here's a sneak peek from our babymoon at the beach last week.

Enjoy the rest of your summer friends!  I'm praying you all find some divine relaxation, patience & strength in the coming weeks!!


  1. Hi Kristin!
    I found your on Faley's Currently Linky! Congrats on the upcoming birth of your daughter! That's so exciting! I'm your newest follower and cannot wait to see your upcoming blog posts about your classroom and baby girl!

    Lisa atTales of an Education Major

  2. Kristin, how is it I have never seen your blog before?? I LOVE the shoes....I can relate to the new school thing, I moved schools two years ago and just now feel like I fit in! I am so lucky to have such a great teacher friend next door to me, she gets me! Hopefully this year your move will help...being in the right location and all!
    I hope to see those baby pictures soon! Take care, don't over do it!

  3. I love the shoes in your bridal party! What a nice bride you were! Good luck with your new baby! Amy :)

  4. You are so gorgeous! Can't wait to see your new room pictures.


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