Monday, August 12, 2013

All About the me!

Blog Hoppin' is hosting a week of fun teacher Linky parties.  It would be great to say that I'll be linking up all week...but let's just start with Day 1, okay??  Know that if I miss a day, it's because we are officially back to work this week with the first all day meeting tomorrow...

This linky is my favorite type because it's really open ended...just sharing about ourselves!  Here are some things {that I haven't already told you} you may be surprised to know:

1. I can not stand the sound of metal touching.  I have the heebie jeebies just from posting this picture.

2. I am a {recovering} perfectionist and tend to shy away from even minor tasks if they seem overwhelming.  This is why my closet always has clothes on the floor, I go months between work-outs and I buy project supplies way before I actually get around to completing them.

3. I honestly, truly believe that if I ever had the chance to meet Kelly Ripa we would become instant BFFs.

4. I do not like being underwater.  I hold my breath in the shower & when washing off my makeup.  I am so excited that this picture looks cool because I was not breathing.

5. I think that I am hilarious.  :)  {and I laugh at my own jokes.}

6. I think my sister & I would be even more entertaining than the Kardashians.

7. I have a love-hate relationship with commercials.  I either find them extremely amusing {like the receent AT&T commercials} or I am super bummed that they're boring.  One or the other.

8. I can not watch the news because I cry at the horrible stories.  I would much rather hear about inspiring stories and can't figure out why TV stations don't focus more on those.

9. I will eat anything once.

10. I think if everyone set out every day to have a little more consideration of others the world would be a much better place to live.

That's it!  If you want to play along, as much as you are able to, click the button below to join in!  :)
P.S. Major giveaway announcement coming up.  $40 retail value.  See you tomorrow for details!!!  ;)


  1. Hi Kristin! I hate watching the news for the same reason as you! I prefer happy thoughts and inspiring stories :)

  2. I get so much grief for wearing heels to teach in!! Glad I am not the only one! Love your blog, I am your newest follower! : )
    Miss Augustine's Kindergarten

  3. I agree with your number 10 so much. I love to dress up when I teach too!!! Thanks for sharing!



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