Monday, November 26, 2012

Reading Strategies {freebie}

In case you feel like you've been spending, spending, spending trying to get new items for your classroom, I hope a useful freebie will give you some relief.  :)

This is a short little packet I made up to send home with my families.  I am introducing Book Bags this week and these 3 sheets will go home with my students.  The 1st page is a parent letter that you're welcome to use or tweak.  {It's free so it's doesn't matter so much, right?}  The 2nd & 3rd pages have the good stuff.

There's a bookmark with questions parents can ask their students while reading to help your students really think about their reading.  There's also a Reading Strategies star.  I know there are many, many, MANY more reading strategies than the ones I've listed here, but this is geared more toward your earliest readers.  I wanted to give my kids a tool that would empower them to realize they already know a lot of good tips & tricks instead of listing a jillion strategies they might find confusing.

That's it for today friends!  If you download, please consider following.  You know I love to host a nice giveaway every time I hit one of those milestone marks!  ;)

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