Saturday, November 10, 2012

election results.

Let me just give a little shout out to Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade.  Besides being the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen she makes fab-fab-fabulous units.  I've purchased many and have had no complaints.

My latest download from her was the Presidential unit...full of mock-election printables.  I'm teaching about characters this week so I was looking for some good read alouds when I realized I hadn't planned a darn thing to do with the presidential election!!  Luckily, I double whammied both with these activities.

We read Duck for President, My Teacher for President & Grace for President then talked about each character and what proof we had {from their book} about why they would make a good president.  Then we made our campaign posters.  Don't you love how my little girls have started drawing me in high heels?!

Seriously cute, right?!  I hung them in the hall so they would see them the next morning and be thinking about their decision.  Then we filled out our ballots and chose a winner.

Peanut Butter M&Ms will be acceptable breakfast food as soon as I can pass my first law.  ;)

Because of my slack planning we only had time to squeeze in a few of these activities but I recommend it to you.  There are voter registration cards {hilarious} and lots of other presidential games in there as well.  If you download it, tell Cara I sent you.  But maybe leave out the part about how I want to be her when I grow up!  ;)

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  1. Super cute! I did the same activity but without Cara's election pack... I wish I would have bought it now that I see yours in action! I was also voted President over Duck & Grace... what do I do with all this power?? hehehe.
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