Thursday, November 10, 2011

songs for phonics.

I really hope you have a SmartBoard or some sort of technology that allows you to use Smart Exchange.  I found a phonics file that I absolutely love!  It's called Jolly Songs and has a slide for each letter with a picture, lyrics and quick little tune to teach the sound.  Even my kids that already know their sounds have loved it and it's such a quick activity that I can work it in easily everytime we introduce a new sound without worrying about not sticking to my schedule!

At the beginning I kept it on the SmartBoard and used it in place of Daily News.  I let the kids come up to find capital and lowercase letters and sight words.
After doing it that way a few times I copied the files onto a Microsoft Word document and printed it out for Morning Work.  They actually like coming in and unpacking their bags to find these on their desks after turning over a new sound card {ImagineIt curriculum} the day before.  If they finish finding the letters and sight words they list words beginning with that sound at the bottom.  Words copied from the room are just as accepted as originally spelled words to keep everyone accountable to their current capabilities.

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  1. These songs actually follow the program called "Jolly Phonics." I'm not sure if you know of the program, and I don't know a whole lot about it, but another Kindergarten teacher in my district uses it. I know there is a song and motion for each letter sound that is taught, and every sound in the English language it taught through the program. My school doesn't have it, but I know the teacher there loves it. Thanks for sharing this! I'll pass it along to her :).


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