Saturday, November 05, 2011

Bubble maps. {and the problem with Huxtable}

Hopefully you're familiar with using Thinking Maps as graphic organizers.  I know I've mentioned them before because they're great!  We most often use Circle Maps and Tree Maps in kindergarten but are well-acquainted with the others as well.  Last week I decided to teach the Bubble Map as I introduced our new friend...

That's right!  We finally got our puppy!!!  :)  His name is Huxtable {after the greatest show ever} and my parents decided to get his sister, Betty.  They are Shih-poos and were 8 weeks old when we picked them up.  I am in heaven...unless that's just sleep deprived delusion.  Still working through that one.

Since I had to miss a day of school to drive down and pick him up from the breeder I figured we could use that in the next day's lesson.  Building on interest and all, right?  ;)  So we created a Bubble Map together on the SmartBoard to describe Huxtable.  They looked at pictures of him {because he hasn't had all of his shots yet} and came up with their own words.

The next day they used their Bubble Maps to draw a picture and complete "Huxtable is ____." sentences.  

I challenged my higher kids to then come up with their own additional sentences. 

So between not sleeping full nights {he isn't really sure of the difference between a nap and a full night's sleep} and wanting to do nothing but snuggle him when I get home, I've been MIA.  But I  have pictures ready for apples, pumpkins, measurement, comparing amounts, letter sounds and literacy ideas.    Late is better than never, right?!  Coming {relatively} soon.  ;)  Thanks for sticking with us!!


  1. How adorable those puppies are! I think they are Shih-Tzus?! I have two myself and just LOVE them!! I bet yours is going to grow up to be some glamourous little puppy!

  2. How cute! I am so envious! I'll be glad to babysit anytime...:)

  3. Ha! No, Annie, they really are shih poos. They're shih tzu and poodle mixed breeds. ;)


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