Sunday, July 01, 2012

storage wars.

Yes, that's that show on TLC.  No, that's not at all what I'm dealing with.  But I do have a sense of fear creeping in...that I may be becoming a storage hoarder!!!
Granted, many of these empties have come from my parents {decaf coffee?  I don't think so} but still, I am the one holding on to them!  Ladies, when you don't know what to do, where do you turn?  Pinterest of course!  Here are some of the things I'm thinking of upcycling all of that, junk into:

Coffee Can: Organizers!  I only have 1 for now but wrapping it in pretty paper is super simple and it would be great for storing pointers or Morning Meeting supplies.

Pringles Cans:  I already have one in my art supplies that I use to hold my paintbrushes.  They never get smooshed and even if they get put a way a tiny bit damp, the water runs down & collects at the bottom. It's great.

I may have to save the rest of these for Christmas, though.  How adorable are they for holding cookies or homemade candy?!  And my hunt for the perfect kalidescope craft?  Over!  So cute.  {as is that sweet little munchkin!}

Cereal Boxes: I love the idea of these as magazine/file holders but I'm just not sure they're sturdy enough to stand up and hold it all without falling over.  Which makes this paper holder tutorial just genius.  I've already bought great wrapping paper to get started.  I also love the idea of turning them into notebooks.  But I would do it boring-side-out so the kids could decorate their own covers!  Perfect for taking outside as we explore this or that.  {technical content area names, obviously}

Egg Carton: I have more counting games than I know what to do with. about some crafting?!  The flower wreath is beautiful and I would've never thought those were cardboard.  But those apples!  How perfect for Back to School!

Plastic Jars: I think I'm definitely going to use the big ones to create Vocabulators {themed jars with words & toys to introduce a topic} because they are just too cool!  And if nothing else, I'll just modge podge some paper on them and use it for storage.  :)

I'd say that's a pretty good start.  And makes me feel better about my closet full of containers.  :)  I hope you find something to spark your creativity and let me know if you have an even better idea.  In the mean time, I better get a move on transforming it all!

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  1. Wow-some really good ways to turn "junk" into something cute! My mom was in my kitchen recently and asked why I had a bunch of baby food jars in the cabinet (I don't have a baby :). I was like, hello, I'm a teacher! You never know what I could turn those into! :)


  2. I should NOT have read this post. I have trouble recycling any containers, for fear that I'm wasting a wonderful DIY opportunity. At the end of the year, my students intervened and forced me to recycle all the Clorox wipe containers I'd been hoarding!

    Across the Hall in 2nd

    1. Tell me about it. I'm keeping it all in my home office right now!!! At least you now have a plan for your trash! ;)

  3. you did an awesome job with those coffee cans!! im your newest follower...drop by =) im doing an awesome giveaway

    Just Wild About Teaching

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    These are great ideas, I may have to do some hoarding myself!

  5. I have a hard time throwing out sturdy containers of all kinds. I have bags of them. Now I have some great ideas on how to recycle them. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!!

  6. The teacher I took over for was a saver but not really an upcycle type. I actually have a bunch of the old icing jars she left on my coffee table with a big stack of scrapbook paper sitting next to it right now.


  7. I share your obsession' I've been hoarding oats containers & Crystal Light containers. I can just see them covered with contact paper or completely covered with cutely printed label paper.

  8. Your post made me feel so much better about myself. My BFF was ready to call TLC on me when she came over and saw I have a bag of bottles saved in the corner of my kitchen ~ actually I have two but don't tell her : ) I have been a LOOOOOOONG time stalker but today I became an OFFICIAL follower.
    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars


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