Thursday, December 01, 2011

December = Share your Christmas goodies.

Mistletoe was a HIT hanging in the doorway flowers today.  The kids couldn't find him for the longest time and they thought he left.  I love it!  Christmas as a kindergarten teacher IS. THE. BEST!  For tomorrow, he's hanging out in a backpack...

Coming soon...all of the super fun things we've done this week: pattern ornaments, gift writing, candy canes and surely more things that I'm forgetting.  I was so into completing projects to replace my turkeys that I even forgot to take pictures!  But I have them of finished products at least.  And they are all the next few days.  Tomorrow is our staff Christmas party so I will be celebrating after work with my daytime family!!

I would also like to thank Fern for choosing me in the Sunshine Award!  :)  I'm always amazed when I'm chosen for an award {especially when my posts have been all but consistent} but to be chosen among other ladies that I - let's face it - basically swoon's just so appreciated.  Please go check out Fern's blog and all of her fun stories and ideas.  Anyone who recognizes this awesome talent {ha!} deserves some recognition of her own!!  ;)

The rules of the award are to answer the following questions and pass it along {see below!}:

Favorite color: pink.  Or, glitter a color??

Favorite animal: elephants.  hands down.  They are by far the cutest thing ever and if I could get one I would name her Penelope.

Favorite number: 44.  My contestant number from a little beauty pageant I won in high school.  Or should I say miniscule?  Pretty sure I competed against roughly 5 other people.  ;)

Favorite drink: coffee.  wine.  coffee.  wine.  BOTH.

Facebook or Twitter: Obsessed with my Facebook and Twitter is fun but my new obsession is Pinterest.

Your passion: high heels?  kids?  making people laugh?  First and foremost, loving Jesus and helping others do the same.  But the others come close behind!

Giving or getting presents: I love to give presents and see other people smile.  Luckily, I'm also married to someone whose love language is gift I'm pretty much spoiled with the best of both worlds.  {Thanks for letting me brag, I know I'm a lucky girl!}

Favorite day: Friday.  Love my church family on Sunday and doing {anything} with my husband on Saturday.  But as a teacher, is ANYTHING better than Friday?!

Favorite flowers: lilies.  My husband got them for me on our 3rd date.  And so many times since.

I would like to recognize:

My BBFF {blogging best friend forever, obvi} Hadar who always seems to be one step ahead of me in the fashion department, snagging freebies and winning contests.  You'd think that would be annoying but I just love her!  She's so fabulous!
Mrs. Scoma is just so sweet.  Give her an idea or a suggestion on something she's created and chances are she'll send it to you for free.  Sorry if I just gave away your secret.  {But she's so sweet that she probably doesn't even care!}  And she has super fun news...go check it out on her blog!!!
Annie from The Moffatt Girls.  Besides being an amazing stay-at-home mom to two beautiful girls who creates more than I ever will, she's willing to share and doesn't charge for any of her {so great} products.  You haven't taught Sight Words until you've used her Ready2Read printables.  Trust me.  Annie, I want to be you when I grow up.  {for real}  <3


  1. HOW IN THE WORLD DID I FORGET ABOUT WINE!?!??! And you made me laugh...I'll take the back-handed compliment ;) haha jk! Love you BBFF!!! Thanks for awarding me :D

  2. Oh you just made my week!!! You totally melted my heart with your sweet, sweet comment! You know that I LOVE your adorable blog with all its glitz and glamour:) Just adorable! Oh...and...some people might be a little sad to know that the Ready2Read is no longer free because as a stay at home mom, it helps my family:) BUT...I still love making freebies!! I have a few Christmas ones on the way as soon as my computer gets out of the shop;) You are just the cutest thing ever!! Thanks again for making my week!


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