Sunday, November 04, 2012

goin batty.

It's bat week in science!  Here are a few funsies we'll incorporate:

{rhyming bats}
These picture cards are from a Mailbox magazine reproducible but you can use any picture cards you have.  Or instead of cutting and gluing pictures down, your kids could draw their own!

For more bat rhyming - can you tell what we're working on?! - we're going to do this cute activity from Rhonda at Classroom Fun.  Instead of using each child's name I'm going to challenge them to come up with a rhyming word for something else.  It's free on her blog!

We're also going to read Stellaluna and compare bats with birds in a Venn diagram.  One page has the facts to cut out & glue down and the 3rd page has a place to write and illustrate a fact for each.
{click the picture to download}
{vowel bat}
Just try to show this to your kids and not sing along.

Another great song the kids love to sing along with that will help them remember bat facts.

{going batty}
If you don't know much about bats yourself you can always leave it to the Magic School Bus to introduce the basics!

And happy Currently time!  I love how adorable this theme is...cute and fun just like Farley herself.  Be sure to link up over at Oh Boy 4th Grade.  Check out her pumpkin book characters while you're there.  Amazing!


  1. I think we are mind twins because I don't want to see another political ad, ever. This year has been the worst and I worry about what we will see in the future. Workouts, what are they, and did I actually use to do these things everyday? Yes, I need monster motivation and the weight gain just hasn't motivated me enough, yet...
    I tried to shop, but bought myself a Michael Kors purse instead, haha. Maybe next weekend!

    1. We can do it together! Maybe pretend the politicians are after us so we'll run faster?! lol

  2. I love your bat stuff! So adorable - I bet your kids love it!
    Teaching in the Valley

  3. I love your rhyming bat! Very cute! I am needing to get back into a workout routine too! The motivation to get out and do it when the weather starts getting cooler definitely makes it more challenging!


    1. We have an elliptical in our HOUSE and I still can't around to it. How bad is that?! I guess I have to limit my Pinterest & blogging hours until after I get it done! Glad to know I'm not the only one lacking motivation! ;)

  4. I love the vowel bat song!! My kids would beg me for that last year! I haven't played it for them yet this year, but I so need to!

    Lauren C

  5. Love your echolocation video! My Firsties would have loved it...gonna show them anyways! Thanks for sharin'!

  6. Hi Kristin,
    Thanks for the links to the songs and videos - love them!
    I like using the TV themes for transitions. The timing is just right for a quick clean up!
    Learning in the Little Apple

  7. Kristin, wow! I didn't know that Pandora had music for kids. Every time I come to your lovely blog, I get great new ideas. This year has been SO tough. When I get home, I simply don't have the energy to get on the bike or treadmill. My husband and I still go to ballroom dancing, but I don't really fell like the dancing is exercise. :)



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