Monday, February 06, 2012

happy 100th day!

My {cough} classroom {cough} has been {cough sniff} one big {ack cough sneeze} party of germs {ah-chooo}.  And no matter how I try and say "Cover your mouth!!!" on repeat, they just don't seem to remember.  And finally, it hit me.  Although mine did turn to strep throat.  :/

Needless to say I haven't been all about making new 100th day ideas for our celebration today.  I was lucky just to make it to class!  But here are some fun ideas for your class if you haven't reached the milestone yet:
Behavior Management: Last year I told my kids if I could compliment them and reward them with stickers 100 times that they would receive a prize at the end of the day.  Fun 100th day twist...all of the stickers had to end up on me so we could keep an accurate count.  This took longer to reach than I imagined!

We made these cute crowns first thing this morning.  You have to be decked out after all.  It's a celebratory day!
I love Deanna Jump's 100 year old art projects but even more than that I love how Kindergator took it to a new level.  Instead of the regular "When I am 100 years old..." writing, she changed it up to make a bucket list!  How great is that?!
How cute are these?!
Some of our men had beards and mustaches.

 While our women had sweet little hairdos!
We talked about some possibilities of things they could put on their bucket list {go to college, get married, have kids, get a job, take a trip somewhere} but these couple made me laugh.
I will do a birthday for my son.  {aww!}
I will be in charge.
I will drink coffee.
I will wear high heels.
I will make cupcakes when I take care of my babies.
Here's the Bucket List printout we used:
The Littlest Scholars made these adorable gumball machines!
I used paper plates instead of flat circles to make it pop a little more like an actual sphere.  I didn't tell the kids how many of each color to use so this ended up not being so much a 100s day projects as just a project.  Now I get why she used pre-cut circles...more control!

I'm pretty sure not one of them has exactly 100 fingerprints so I'll need to figure that out for next year!  Either way, they turned out cute and when they were dry we counted and graphed each color.
{of course you can have one!}
We also used these cute flip a coin 100 times and roll a dice 100 times games from Made for First Grade.
If you've  never watched this video, you have to use it for the 100th day at least!  I took ideas from the kids to see how they wanted to count to 100.  They did jumping jacks the first time we watched it, hopped up and down the second time and by the time they frog jumped on the third watch they were pooped!  Which is why we had to do it again in the afternoon after their sugar spike.  ;)
We made the traditional 100th day trail mix...10 of 10 items equals 100!

 The best thing about 100th day snack...trail mix for the next couple of weeks!  :)
While a few students at a time were counting out their snack, the rest of them were working on 100s day math thanks to the super cute Mrs. Ahrens.
They kids did a great job sharing their 100 homework projects too.  I think I only had one that admitted "My mom did this last night while I was sleeping." {!!}  Here are a few unique ones.  I've already added the button letter to my Pinterest "To Make" board!

And I made this ah-dorable shirt thanks to the free printout from Mrs. Gilchrist.  And thanks to one of my students for taking a picture.  Pretty sure I was gritting my teeth in that push-the-button-already manner.  Ha!
Whenever you get there...have a fantastic 100th day!!


  1. I made the shirt too!! But I totally forgot to have a picture taken of me! Oh well, next year. :)

    Also thanks for sharing the 100th Day coloring sheet! I saw that in a classroom once and I know I have a copy somewhere but I totally could not find it. I'll save that for next year too!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Their writing turned out so cute! I love that some of them want to go to college.

  3. Love the bucket list and gumball painting!!
    First Grade Blue Skies

  4. I love love love the bucket list!!! We are celebrating next week, I'm so doing that! Your shirt turned out! Hope you're feeling better!

  5. What adorable ideas! I especially love the bucket list. Too cute!

    Primary Junction

  6. You are so cute and it looks like the day was so successful. I bet the kids loved it.

  7. Your gumball machines turned out great! The paper plate was such a smart idea, I had to cut all my circles out while watching Glee!

    The Littlest Scholars

  8. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Wonderful - thanks for sharing these with us - we plan to use some of your brilliant ideas!

  9. I LOVE the gumball graph but I am unable to open it! Are you able to send me one?

    Ashley (mod/severe special education K-5)

  10. I've used the bucket list and the graphing and I love it. Is there any way you can send me the link to the graphing, I can't find mine and the link say error.

  11. Love your ideas! Could you attach link for necklace tabs?

  12. Is there any way you could send me the graphing gumball freebie? It is saying URL not found.
    Thanks so much!


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