Monday, June 25, 2012

Dr. Seuss' ABCs

Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss?  And why are we limiting his influence to his birthday month?  Seriously...there are so so so many things to do with his literature that I've decided to stop stressing about squishing it all in to March 2nd {because I never can} and let his exposure shine all year.

Typically after reading Dr. Seuss' ABC book we make a class alphabet book.  Each kid gets to pick their own letter and write an alliterative sentence.  Kids who finish early can do a second one and we do the toughies {Q, X, Z} together.
Now, your firsties will probably be able to do that BOY {beginning of year} but our kinders?  Not so much.  So...use a circle map to have students draw things that start with the letter!
Feel free to brainstorm together for your kids who don't have a grasp on alphabetic principles yet and help them label their drawings.  {totally not cheating and perfectly acceptable for early writers!}  Or pull the Circle Map back out for Dr. Seuss' birthday - kids who struggle can use it create a "bank" of words and pictures to choose from when writing a sentence.

Growing Kinders posted a similar activity where students write & illustrate six words that begin with their letter.
Since this is one of Dr. Seuss's most rhymish stories, we also have Rhyme Time after reading it.  The kids can basically say whatever they want as long as it rhymes.  "Are you ready?" {keddy!}  "Understand?"  {gunderstand!}  "Can I go to the bathroom, wathroom?"  As long as they rhyme, I don't really care how it comes out.  The kicker: no rhymey, no talky.  ;)

I've had to remove all of my Dr. Seuss products from TpT because Seuss Enterprises, Ltd. doesn't like anyone to sell or give away any Seuss related products. long as you promise NOT to use these printables on March can download them by clicking here:  Remember, they are for alphabet & rhyming practice only in a boring, old lesson!  ;)

Happy snappy rhyming!


  1. So cute Kristin! Gotta love the Seuss! We are looking at a K/1 next year so love the idea of getting them talking or not- if they can't think of a rhyme :)

  2. So true-he can be incorporated into a lot of activities. Thanks for sharing those resources! :)


  3. Kristin, thank you so much for bringing this up! I'm going back to kindergarten in August and I was thinking of making a Dr. Seuss center. Over the years, I've collected all of his books, and friends have given me puzzles for Christmas and my birthday. I'm thinking it might work out as a permanent center. Hmmm. What do you think?

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

    P.S.: For the Fascination Award, do you know if we can vote every day for a different blog?

    1. It looks like you can vote for as many different blogs as you want, but you can only vote once for each. {if you try to vote for the same blog on a different day, it takes your previous vote away} I've voted for a couple...including yours!! ;)

    2. Oh. And I LOVE your Dr. Seuss idea. Totally doable and your kids will love it too!

  4. IS this file still available?

  5. Hi! Are these still available?


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